About 7 Faces of Women


7 Faces of Women is my new personal project of theatrical video-performances. It is about how I experience the different layers and personalities of women. About the discrepancy between the image that we create of ourselves and how we really feel inside. About how we relate to men and other women. And me trying to escape from society rules how to behave as a woman (gender roles).




My first video-performance is Entangled

In this performance we see a woman trying to keep up the appearance that she has everything in her life perfectly under control. The performance shows how she struggles with the different aspects of her life, symbolised by the tentacles of the sculpture. At the beginning she is in control of everything. Bit by bit she is losing control and at the end she is totally entangled.



Impression Lost in Transition

New Solo Exhibition Lost in Transition

21 October – 15 November

Curated by Sonia Arata

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Nieuwe expositie tijdens Open Ateliers Zuid

New Exhibition



1 October – 19 November

Curated by Sonia Arata

Read more www.redstampartgallery.com






Lost in Transition

Lost in Transition at location in Volendam


Nieuwe expositie Lost in Transition met video-installaties en foto’s tijdens de Open Ateliers Jordaan. Pinksterweekeinde zaterdag 14 t/m maandag 16 mei van 12 tot 18 uur. En op afspraak te bezoeken!



Exhibition Media Museum in Pescara Italy
Art Heerenveen Art Gallery 15 – 30 March 2016



Art Fair in Oxford 26 -28 February Art Heerenveen Art Gallery


Keep on Dreaming

From New York to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Tokyo!

Photo exhibition in The Sirius Gallery in Tokyo


Sherazade was selected for the International Athens Video Art Festival last May





Snowwhite & Sherazade

Impression of the exhibition Snowwhite & Sherazade, the third edition of a triptych about female images (2012)

opening by Christiaan Vogelaar, head curator of the Lakenhal in Leiden




The theme came from Schippers visit to Aleppo, Syria, where she participated in the International Women Art Festival 2010. The audience associated her work with a fairytale.

Schippers decided to dig deeper into the Oriental fairytale. In one of the first stories of Sherazade, she found a totally different image of women than she had expected. The story was about a woman locked inside a glass cage, who repeatedly succeded escaping from her guard to seduce other men.

She found the contradiction between this active sensual female in Sherazade and the passive dreaminess of Snowwhite fascinating. In Snowwhite & Sherazade she places these two female images opposite from each other in two video-installations.


International Womens Art Festival, Aleppo

Impression of the exhibition at the International Womens Art Festival in Aleppo, Syria (2010)