Others about Ellen Schippers



Bianca du Mortier, curator of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam: “Ellen Schippers does not fear to play with taboos and fantasies, either. This play with feelings and physical appearance is what makes her work so powerful”


Christiaan Vogelaar, curator of museum the Lakenhal in Leiden: “It is very symbolic and it makes me think of Gustuv Klimt. Her work has a cosmic side”


Bart Rutten, curator videokunst Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: “With her theatrical work Ellen Schippers belongs to the second generation of video artists such as Pipilotti Rist and Tracey Emin”


Dick Adelaar, curator and writer: “The slowness of Bill Viola, the technology of Gary Hill, the poetry of Marijke van Warmerdam and the daring of Lydia Schouten, that all together we see in the oeuvre of Ellen Schippers”


James Miller,director of The Aleatoric Art Gallery in Houston: “You have the elusive “eye” and that is what separates you from the rest. A combination of your skills in one image, in a dark theatrical presentation. Your work moves me!”


Mirko Krabbe, artist and organiser of art events: “Where most women put on a mask in the morning, Ellen Schipperstakes that mask off in her work, revealing herself”


Sonia Arata, director of The Red Stamp Art Gallery in Amsterdam:“She powerfully points out the impact of behavioral patterns imposed from the outside, which imprison and deny the authenticity, the uniqueness and the beauty of the original essence of each ones personality”