Snowwhite & Sherazade

Impression of the exhibition Snowwhite & Sherazade, the third edition of a triptych about female images (2012)

opening by Christiaan Vogelaar, head curator of the Lakenhal in Leiden




The theme came from Schippers visit to Aleppo, Syria, where she participated in the International Women Art Festival 2010. The audience associated her work with a fairytale.

Schippers decided to dig deeper into the Oriental fairytale. In one of the first stories of Sherazade, she found a totally different image of women than she had expected. The story was about a woman locked inside a glass cage, who repeatedly succeded escaping from her guard to seduce other men.

She found the contradiction between this active sensual female in Sherazade and the passive dreaminess of Snowwhite fascinating. In Snowwhite & Sherazade she places these two female images opposite from each other in two video-installations.